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Project "Geophone"

Project "Geophone" results from the research and exploration of several experimentalists on Nature as a sound object, an encounter between that same naturally creative sonority and the human and artificial creative expression.

All human and so-called "artificial" creativity is still Nature, just as Nature itself is already "artistic", or creative, in its evolutionary "invention" of new forms of life.

Starting from this principle, that the performative action is itself a natural action and, nevertheless, "conscientizing", it is intended, through the reconciliation of the subjectivity of musical improvisation and collective experimentation with the objectivity of musical conception and planned composition, to value the sound consciousness of the existing nature as a means of finding new sound realities, new structures of composition and musical conception, new currents of artistic creation and new structures of thought that are ever more original, ever more authentic, and yet ever more and more consistent.


Bruno Pinho — Guitar. / Pedro Campos — Double Bass. / Rui Veiga — Midi Controller. / David Gama — Didgeridoo. // Recording: May 2013, Águeda — Portugal.

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